Yes!  Kenya Children’s Fund is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  All sponsors and contributors receive an end-of-the-year contribution statement for income tax purposes.

$38 a month will provide your student with education, nutrition and health care.  You can choose to contribute monthly, quarterly, or annually.  The full amount of your contributions to Kenya Children’s Fund are tax deductible.

Your child benefits directly from your sponsorship.  Your gifts are combined with gifts from other sponsors to provide the assistance your child and his or her community needs most – schools, medical care, nutrition, and vocational training.  Our children are nurtured from pre-school through secondary school, ensuring the best opportunity for success.  Your sponsorship gifts help make that possible, bringing about a better life for your child, his or her community and future generations as well.

You may send cards and letters to your student at any time, but various restrictions with international mail and high costs have made it necessary for us to establish a firm policy of no packages. Please see below for what you may include in a card or letter to your sponsored child.

You may send anything flat which fits in a standard size envelope such as letters, bookmarks, stickers, or photographs of you and or your family. Anything larger will be donated to a local charity.  All items must go through our KCF office in Hopkins MN.  Please send cards and letters with your child’s name and ID # clearly written on the outside of the envelope to:

Kenya Children’s Fund
PO Box 4159
Hopkins, MN 55343-0499

Monetary donations to your child and his or her family may be made for birthdays or as a special gift to the family. For Christmas and Easter, food baskets may be purchased for $15 each. These will be distributed to your child immediately before the holiday breaks from school and feed both your child and his or her family. These donations go through our office and are sent via wire transfer and given to your student or his or her parent or guardian.

For birthdays, we suggest a gift of $10-$25.  You may submit this online and indicate birthday gift and your child’s name and ID Number in the comments box.  This may also be submitted by check to our Hopkins office. We cannot accept larger gifts for individual students. If you wish to bless the students with a larger gift, it will be used for something that will benefit all the students.

Once your student receives the monetary gift, they will send a thank you with a photo of them with the items they have purchased (this may take a few months for you to receive – we appreciate your patience).

If your child is too young to write, a teacher or staff member will write for them. A picture drawn by your child will be included with the letter. In these cases, there will be a special note on your letter to let you know that your child had help in writing his or her letter to you.

To simplify your monthly or quarterly donations, your credit card or checking/savings account can be charged $38 every month or $114 each quarter for each sponsored child. To save administration costs, you will only receive a receipt confirming your first donation. You can track your subsequent donations on your monthly credit card bill or bank statement. The end-of-the-year contribution statement sent out each January will reflect total donations for the year.

Enclosed in the sponsorship packet that we will forward to you will be a letter of greeting and/or original artwork created by your sponsored child to begin your new friendship. The children enjoy writing at least one letter to their sponsors each year and will also reply to cards or letters they receive from you. So the more  you write to them, the more often you will hear from them!

Your donation to Kenya Children’s
Fund supports healthcare,
nutrition & a Christ-centered
education for all our students.