At Kenya Children’s Fund we are always working hard to ensure each dollar given is directed where it is intended.  There are no administrative fees taken out of sponsorship payments, care basket donations, capital or gifts to your child.  Funds are raised separately to underwrite the costs for general operations.

Each year our accounting firm, Smith Schafer and Associates, Ltd. (formerly Blanski, Peter, Kronlage & Zoch) consults with us on accounting matters and files our 990 tax return.  We are pleased to report that in 2022 about 84% of our total expenses were used directly for KDS programs.

Please call our office at 952-938-2705 with any questions regarding our commitment to keeping the integrity of your donations and our financial accountability or to view our 990.

2022 Financial Report

84%    KDS Programs
6.5%   Fundraising Expenses
9.5%   Administrative Costs



For more information or to see our recent 990s visit Guidestar

Your donation to Kenya Children’s
Fund supports healthcare,
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