A five year study conducted by the University of San Francisco and published in the Journal of Political Economy found that sponsored children earned 15 percent higher incomes, lived in better-constructed homes, and were more likely to be leaders in their church and community than their non-sponsored siblings. They were also 27 to 40 percent more likely to finish secondary school and 50 to 80 percent more likely to complete college.

USF economics professor Bruce Wydick said, “It has always been very difficult for donors and nonprofits to make the case that child sponsorship works. Here we have research that shows it does”.

I thank God for KDS.
It molds the best of what society shuns.

Collins Omondi

For just $38 a month, your sponsored child will receive a quality Christian education, medical care, and two meals each school day.

KDS has over 700 students enrolled in in our primary and secondary school with many more students attending colleges and universities throughout Kenya. Click on the button below to see students available for sponsorship.
All of the students are matched with a donor by our sponsorship department which is located at the Kinyago Dandora Schools.

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When you become a sponsor, you will receive information and letters from your child and you’ll be invited to write back. The more often you write, the more letters you will receive in return.
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Your donation to Kenya Children’s
Fund supports healthcare,
nutrition & a Christ-centered
education for all our students.

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"I am who I am today because God used somebody out there to walk with me through the corridors and classes of KDS".

– Churchill Odhiambo