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Lifting Children from Poverty into Hopeful Futures through Christian Education and Holistic Care

Kenya Children’s Fund seeks to transform the lives of Kenya’s impoverished children by raising up servant leaders and providing life’s basic necessities including nutrition, medical care and education in a Christ centered environment.  Our students at the Kinyago-Dandora Schools (KDS) flourish under the nurturing care of African professionals committed to imparting faith-based principles to children in the most important time of life: the formative years from preschool to university. Armed with an education, these young men and women will return to their communities to serve as change agents in every sector of society.

Hope in Dandora – June Covid-19 update

We have had our moments of uncertainty over the past several months but we thank God that we have been able to give hope to our children in some very practical ways.

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Hope: A Word from our CEO

When students walk the halls of their schools, they probably are not thinking about how fortunate they are to be there. Compulsory free education for all is assumed and often taken for granted here in America, but it isn’t that way in much of the world.



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